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When Stella Jones was 12 years old she discovered her love to archaeological records and started to study mythological and religious traditions from all over the world. Later on being a student at university she gathered more insight and tried to combine opposite pieces on a musical basis. Her attempt was to unfold parallels between new scientific paradigms, music and ancient mystical traditions. Stella Jones art work is an interlace of ancient mysticism and various branches of science.

Stella Jones created three oracle card decks for visualisations to develop balance in our body mind spirit connection.

„The creative power, the ability to connecting the dots and to seeing the bigger picture while expressing our true nature as emotional connected beings is very exiting. We are responsable for the balance in our body mind spirit connection. By allowing to be our best self we sharpen our intuition and take an uplifting approach to life. The secret of change is to focus the energy on building something beautiful. Care, compassion and trust are our impulses and come as a result of a conscious decision to dedicate our creativity to a higher vision. We will discover the resources that we need for a beautiful lifetime to move towards our dreams.“

(Interview with Stella Jones, ISBM)


Stella Jones ORACLE CARDS 


Stella Jones Oracle Cards CHILDREN`S MUSICALS


Stella Jones oracle card decks „Children`s Musicals, Mother Earth and Frames of Creativity“ are available HERE


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