Christine Jones (born May 9, 1944 as Christine Zacher in Teplitz-Schönau; † 13. February 2017) was a blues singer, arranger, fluxus artist, gallery owner and producer.

The daughter of an architect and a teacher grew up in Salzburg and, at the request of her parents, studied art education with Robin C. Andersen at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna. Jones graduated in 1967 with the title Magistra Artium. She studied German at the Freie Universität in Berlin until 1971 with Gerd Kutscher. From this time, the first contacts with jazz are also made. Her career as a singer led her first through Fatty George and the „American Folk Blues Festivals“ to Barcelona, ​​London and Paris. In the „Blue Note“ there she began to work with the jazz musicians Kenny Clarke, Nathan Davis and Pony Poindexter. It was discovered and contracted by Horst Lippmann. Count Basie formulated a letter of recommendation for her. The German music and cultural journalist Siegfried Schmidt-Joos wrote: „She sings the blues of her own life; Their music goes under the skin of the listeners. Their lyrics are pictorial verses of a human being who has something to share with others. “

In the 1970s, Berlin became their home country, with performances by Leo Wright, Duke Ellington, Dexter Gordon, Eugene Cicero, Fritz Pauer and Carmell Jones, whom she married and with whom she was given the daughter Stella Jones.

Ten years later and after the divorce she returned to Vienna and married Klaus-Peter Schrammel (a great-grandson of Johann Schrammel). Their daughter Isabella was born.

In 1980 she founded the band JONESMOBILe. The Austrian jazz scene took part in their first album, Jonesmobile. Some time later, together with the guitarist Karl Ratzer, the recording of Wow (1988) and together with the painter Christian Ludwig Attersee came to the album Apples of Love.

The jazz historian Klaus Schulz said about Jones: „Jones is not an exclusive Bluessängerin, some of their songs are like popular hits.

The jazz historian Klaus Schulz said about Jones: „Jones is not an exclusive actor, she is not a pop singer either, she is not a pop singer either, she just can not stand a label because she integrates different contemporary sounds into her music „With I Do not Believe they and their ensemble conquered the Austrian hit parades as well as the White House in Washington and also the Vatican. In 1999 the JONESMOBILe received the Award of Merit from the South Pacific Song Contest for Very People. In 1984, together with her husband Klaus-Peter Schrammel, the Viennese KUNST> KANZLEI was founded as part of the Yedermann Productions. In doing so, she managed to create a kind of continuation of the 19th and early 20th century art salons. For Jones, who is not only a singer, but also from the very beginning of the Fluxus movement, this institution is the pivotal point of overlapping and intertwining different forms of art and life. Fluxus artists such as Daniel Spoerri, Dick Higgins, Christo, Coco Gordon, Alison Knowles, Joe Jones, Padhi Frieberger and Ben Vautier also found their first presentation platform in the KUNST> KANZLEI. Jones‘ works found their home here.

The Austrian cultural scholar Dieter Schrage said of Jones: „She is neither a musician nor a poet; Neither an artist nor a philosopher; Neither dancer nor actress; Neither creator nor recipient; Neither E nor U. Christine Jones is the sum of all the. It is a small, dazzling interart power package. A temporeiches, an imposing piece of Gesamtkunstwerk not oriented to the noble, serious century-dimension of the total artisans Richard Wagner, Arnold Schönberg or Hermann Nitsch, but here and now, poppy and glaring for the minute. “

CHRISTINE JONES, musician and gallery owner, was a singer who cannot be labelled.

COUNT BASIE was so fascinated by Christine´s voice that he gave her a letter of recommendation, but she is no Jazz singer.

She toured with MEMPHIS SLIM and WILLI DIXON but she did not exclusively sing the blues. Some of her songs are catchy, but she was no Pop singer.

Her music, interpreted by Austrian’s best Jazz musicians, integrates all contemporary styles.
She sang her own compositions with complex intensity and you feel electrified by her unique expressively voice, accompanied by the powerful sound of her formation JONESMOBILe.


Director: Mag. Christine Jones

The KUNSTKANZLEI which is a part

of yedermann-productions, represents INTERMEDIA and INTERART in a social-

cultural context as e.g.: happenings, performances, environments and other integrative forms of art, working with



Dr. Klaus-Peter Schrammel
Isabella Schrammel
Stella Jones


„Architekten als Zeichner“
(architects as drawers)
Christine Jones & WITTIGO 1986.

„MAIL ART“, Christine Jones& WITTIGO

1991. with CHRISTO, F. CONZ, G. DIETZ,


„Paare“ (pairs) Christine Jones & WITTIGO 1992. with C.L. ATTERSEE, G: JASCHKE, H. JOOS, S. WIDL, P. WEIBL, W. BUGATTI, G. BARESCH, a.o.

„Passport, Flagge, Heimat“

(passport, flag, homeland),

Christine Jones &WITTIGO 1994/95. with


KUNSTKANZLEI is still to come.


“My Flux- and Jazzvoyages are Fluxuslike

collages about my artwork in different

areas of INTERART.

They represent my diaries and memorabilities of my travels, and encounters in a complex form of collage my works visual are my very personal psychogram experiences with mutual artist and friends especially the FLUXUS and JAZZ movement.

The Jazzvoyages are a tribute to the giants of Jazz like Dexter Gordon, Leo Wright, Kenny Clark, Miles Davis, etc.

Since I am a Jazzmusician and composer who studied fine arts, Jazz and Fluxus are my main interest and artforms.”

Christine Jones



Since many years music has been used as a medium for discovery of oneself, especially with the disabled people.

1985 Christine Jones introduced JAZZ into the method of „Musical Graphics“ together with Herta Hofer, an expert on this field, they decided to change the name of this multiartistic method into SOUNDPAINTING. Jazz added a new dimension to their work.

The lines in graphic art are equivalent to the rhythm in music. The colours in graphic art are equivalent to the chords and harmonies in music. SOUNDPAINTING visualises an abstract psychogram of a person’s cultural and environmental background.

„Life is motion – every healthy person is active. You only live if you are creative“ said Feuchtersleben, a German philosopher.

SOUNDPAINTING enables the patient to leave his isolation temporarily.

Disabled children and grownups for instance often show a minor ability of communication. Therefore they have a negative sensibility of themselves.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe remarked that „Whatever you hear should equally stimulate your inner visual imagination!“

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Christine Jones: vocal

• 1962-1966 she performed at the American Folk Blues Festival, the BLUE NOTE (Paris), Dough´s Nightclub, Jazz- & Literatureforum (Berlin) with Stars like Kenny Clarke, Pony Poindexter, Harost Lippmann, Nathan Davis, Leo Wright, Eugen Cicero, Carmell Jones, and many others.

• Toured from Europe to America with Memphis Slim, Willy Dixon and Count Basie.

• 1975 she founded the band “Pick a Back” in Berlin

• 1981 she founded her new formation JONESMOBILe with which she is still touring to Istanbul, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New York, London, Paris, Austria, etc., and it still goes on and on.

Thomas Böröcz: drums

• 1981 founding of Jazzformation “Ostinato”

• Touring various European and Southamerican Countries

• Concerts with international artists like: Joe Zawinul, Jaco Pastorious, Birelli Lagrene, Jorge Navarro, etc.

• Performed with: the ORF Bigband, Charly Ratzer, Count Basic,a.o.

• Produced Maxi CDs for Arwak, Christine JONES, “Colours ´n´ People”,a.o.

• Performing on CDs of JONESMOBILe, Falco, Reinhard Fendrich, Ludwig Hirsch as well as on productions of André Heller, Stefanie Werger, a.o.

• Founded the band “Colours ´n´ People” in 1995

• Since 1983 member of JONESMOBILe

Aaron Wonesch: piano

• Well known in Austria from TV and Radio Specials

• Concerts with stars like Tom Jones, J.Cash, Jonny Logan, and many others

• Played for 8 years in orchestras for Broadway productions like: 42nd Street, A Chorus Line, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables & André Heller´s Wintergarden

• International tours to New Yourk, Hong Kong, London, Shanghai, Montreux with Jazz legendsJimmy Cobb, Walther Booker, John Stubblefield, Leo Wright, Ed Neumeister, Jeff Claiton, JONESMOBILE,a.o.

• Since 1998 a member of JONESMOBILe

Harry Putz bass:

• One of Austria´s finest bassmen

• Founded the band “Timless Spirit” in 1988

• Engangements in Hotel Mariott, Vienna as well in the Hotel Intercontinental, Vienna

• Performed with Joe Newman(Quincy Jones Bigband), Charly Ratzer, Rudi Berger, Mainstreet, a.o.

• Productions with Karl Friedrich, Barbedas Sunrise, Die Hektiker, Pep Talk, ORF, a.o.

• Performed with Dana Gillespie, a.o.

• Since 1989 member of JONESMOBILe

Paul Fields: violine

• The best violinist of austria who is an expert in different styles of music, e.g.:Schrammel Music, Kletzmer Music, Jazz, a.o.

• Componist and arrangements e.g. for Franz Morak, André Heller, Erika Pluhar, ORF Show Down, Theater an der Wien,etc.

• International appearences around the globe with stars like: Christine JONES, Shirley Bassey, Peter Alexander, Caterina Valente, Heinz Rühmann, , Maximillian Shell, ORF Bigband, Lena Rothstein, Malat Schrammeln, a.o.

• Jammed with Jazzstars like Bud Freeman, Art Farmer, Oskar Klein, Lee Harper, Sunny Murray, Bobby Dodge, a.o.

• Since 1998 a member of JONESMOBILE

Dr Klaus Peter Schrammel: piano, keyboards & accordeon

• Grand, grand son of the Schrammel-Quartett founder and composer Johann schrammel

• Lawyer and musician

• 1962-1972 Concerts and radio recordings with own Bands like:”Continental Quntett”, “Phönix”, “Schrammel Quartett” in Austria, Switzerland and the BRD

Development and realisation of cultural concepts (Centaurus)

Also a founder of JONESMOBILE 1981



•1965: Christine-Spirituals, Folksongs, Blues. LP CBS 62626

•1981: Christi Ne Jones – Jonesmobile. LP YM 24581

•1982: Schlaf, Schlaf, Schlaf. Single YM 119872

•1983: Weihnacht zu Zweit – Attersee & Christine Jones. LP YM 119872

•1983: Grüß Gott. Single Weltweit Rec./Echo 119382

•1988: Summertime – Christine Jones feat. Karl Ratzer. Single YM 119872

•1988: Trinity – Christine Jones. Maxi-Single YM 150044-1

•1988. Wow! – Christine Jones. CD YM 9544

•1992: Very Sometimes People. Maxi-CD YM G 9216-2

•1994: Aut of Austria Sampler. CD RMC 150002

•1996: Christine Jones – Live at EGA. CD YM11916

•1996: Christine Jones & the Jonesmobile – Narrative Jazz. Maxi-CD YM 12507

•1997: Christine Jones – Jonestones. CD YM 9871-2

•2000: Christine Jones – Tamin Bacon. CD YM 12508

•2001: Christine & Stella Jones – La Chica Evelvn. CD YM 77200

•2002: Jonesmobile im Ziegelstadl. CD YM 195201

•2003: Summertime – That Was Then. Compilation-CD UMG 980113

•2003: Summertime – This ts Now. Compilation-CD UMG 980854

•2004: Best of Christine Jones. CD UMG 986645

•2004: Nlghtmares – Jonesmobile. Single-CD YM 08154711

•2004: Christine Jones – Look Here Blues. CD YM 91301

•2005: Female – Verve Impressions. Compilalion-CD UMC 983300

•2005: Christine Jones/Aaron Wonesch-Jonesch. CD ORF 411

•2010: Saxo Son I Schrammel Ton I Christine Jones. CD YM 1952

•2011: Äpfel der Liebe – Attersee & Christine Jones. CD YM 13411[3]

•2014: Jonesmobile 33 – Live. CD YM 3033


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