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Children’s Musicals

Over the last 10 years, Stella Jones has the joy and pleasure to professionally work with Kids and Teens by providing a platform where all participants are free to express their creativity through the Performing Arts such as Singing, Dancing, and Acting.

In her Seminars and Workshops, she creates the costumes and the various puppets and the performers are always amazed to let the puppets play because working with them is so much fun and there are endless possibilities to bring the stories alive.

Stella is working since 2001 as a Musical Director of the Gospel Formations „American Christmas Gospel featuring Stella Jones“ and  „Stella Jones and The Golden Gospel Singers“. She is also a Training Coach for Children and their unique Children`s Choirs.

During the Summer Holidays, Stela is offering Gospel Seminars and Children`s Musicals Workshops for Children as well as for Adults.

If you want to have a closer look into Seminars & Workshops including Puppeteering, Children`s Musical,  Multimedia & Music please contact:

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