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Illustrations: Stella Jones

Stelluna Starmoon (German Title: Stelluna Sternenmond)

Soul singer and producer Stella Jones presents her first children’s musical called Stelluna Starmoon at traditional Viennese Jazz Club Porgy & Bess.

This compassionate story is about a brave girl named Stelluna Starmoon who is living in a magic garden on the country side. After hearing of strange events in the distant city, Stelluna Starmoon sets off and takes us on a journey, where she makes many new friends. Together they try to free the city from invisible shadows called The Boohs who took control of the human minds and are feeding off of fear and anger.

The children`s musical Stelluna Starmoon is accompanied by a live band and takes a stand apart from the usual mainstream. Stella Jones musical pieces are performed by professional singers, dancers and actors. Added life-size puppets are bringing additional surprisement to the audience and leave the kids, teens and adults with astounding enchantment. All of Stella Jones children`s musicals are produced with love, care and compassion and bring optimism, hope and morals to the colorful musical experience.

Production, Muppets, Composition & Texts: Stella Jones
Director: Wolfgang Palka

Choreography: Kenia Bernal Gonzales                                                                    Organisation: Isilistening

Performers:  Barbara Gall, Stana Hezoucky, Markus Jastraunig, Nicole Rest-Lankmayer, Marta Lastowska, Jasmin Schleiffer

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