Miss Black Voice Stella Jones workes with international stars such as MTV Unplugged, Helene Fischer, Katrina & The Waves, Taylor Dayne, Maceo Parker, Sir Jam (Rap Artist of Prince & The NPG), Gloria Gaynor, Nina Hagen, Marianne Faithful, Omara Portuondo, Chaka Khan, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, VSOP, Otto Waalkes, Wolfgang Ambros, Rainhard Fendrich , Bill Ramsey,…  read more



Stella Jones is collaborating with musicians and artists from all over the world and is producer of various Music Albums. She studied performing arts, jazz music, history, germanic philology, astrotheology and ancient mythologies which various philosophies are reflected in her musical work, her children`s musicals  as well as in her visual arts…  purchase now



In 2010 Stella Jones started a professional children`s musical company called KIMU and is ever since working together with kids and teens. Her company provides a platform for interested people who would like to express their creativity through the performing arts such as singing, dancing and acting. In the summer workshops and seminars learn he participants how to bring a musical story alive, how to creating a play and to arranging the songs, how to fabricating the costumes and to building the puppets that play a great part in all of the  children`s musicals. … read more or/and purchase now



American Christmas Gospel featuring Stella Jones and Stella Jones & The Golden Gospel Singers are two of the most popular and best sold Gospel groups in Europe.

Since 2001 Stella Jones is responsable for the succsess as a musical director and singer. … read more



Stella Jones is a certified trainer for trainers, certified vocal & stage coach, instructor of jazz, pop & urban gospel history,  personal & business coach, certified sound healer & sound energetics teacher, trainer of communications, trainer of presentation techniques and performing arts.

She is founder of VSC Vocal & Stage Coaching which various techniques derive out of the science of systemic coaching. It combines the three main topics of performing arts with the achievements of the academic discipline of psychology.

VSC is a new way to understand the roots of mental functions as well as social behavior while exploring the physiological and biological processes that underlie cognitive functions and behaviors. … read more



In 2016 Stella Jones released her Vocal Tutorial for all singers, from beginners up to professional singers, and provides over 250 singing lessons and 3 of her own written Pop Songs to study and sing along, the best tips for warming up and cooling down included!

Each lesson of the Vocal & Stage Tutorial was played  and sung by Stella Jones herself to give to ultimate feeling of being successfully guided by her as a professional Vocal & Stage Coach. … read more or/ and purchase now



Here you have to possability to have some insight into the world of vocal & stage coaching and the various and many topics. Get a snippet and try the single lessons before purchasing the entire Vocal & Stage Tutorial to see if it fits for you… purchase now



Stella Jones created three oracle card decks for visualisations to develop balance in our body mind spirit connection.

Her art work is an interlace of ancient mysticism and various branches of science. … read more or/and purchase now



Stella Jones collaborates with various artists and is touring troughout the year with several music formations. She is also holding seminars and teaching as Vocal & Stage Coach during the summertime … read more



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