This training session is for Kids and Teens who love to sing, dance and act. They learn how to sing and interpret new songs and how to bring the performance to a higheer level by implementing acting parts and funky urban Hip Hop movements. Each lesson is created in such way that the Kids & Teens can easily follow and are supported in their natural talents and abilities.



At this creative workshop the personal expressions, the creativity and the fun factor is the main focus. Under the supervision of a children’s musical, the Kids & Teens prepare the own props, craft their masks and stage props. At the end of every workshop is a public performance in which the musical work can be admired by the proud family members. This Workshop is especially for Kids & Teens between the ages of 8 and 16 years.



During the holiday season Stella Jones offers a Children`s Muscial Camp where the Kids & Teens learn how to produce a musical and put in on stage. This workshop is especially for Kids 6 teens  from 8 to 16 years who are particularly interested in performing arts (dance, drama, singing).



Stella Jones was always fascinated by the art of puppet play. Equipped with imagination and talent for painting, she was influenced by visionaries such as Jim Henson and his „Muppet Workshop Studio“ and Stella Jones began to produce their own muppets at the age of 8, which they then brought to life in self-made stages of cartons.

Today she is offering Puppet Studio Workshops where the participants create their own dolls, build them lovingly from different materials, and inspire them with their own original character. The exciting is not only the creative approach and the production of a doll but the intimate connection.


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