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The Elf Fairy Nenya

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Illustrations: Stella Jones

The Elf Fairy Nenya

One day the little elf fairy Nenya is lost in a garden in which the sibling children Helene and Tomi cheerfully play ball. Nenya, who under no circumstances is allowed to be seen from children, is discovered and promptly loses her voice at this moment because the rules of Marzipan are very stict in that matter. Helene and Tomi would like to help Nenya and are being brought to the royal country of Marzipan after being changed into elf fairies themselves. At the magical kingdom of Marzipan the three little friends have to accomplish many exiting adventures.

On their exciting journey, Nenya, Helene and Tomi are meeting many inhabitants of Marzipan: The Elf King and his court, an old Captain, who is bringing the three elf fairies through stormy seas to a hidden Island, the nasty Joker who is leading to the ruthless Riddle Master, an old magic warrior woman which is helping them to find the hidden mountain dragon who carries a treasure.

Production, Muppets, Composition & Texts: Stella Jones
Director: Wolfgang Palka

Choreography: Kenya Bernal Gonzalez

Performers: Kenia Bernal Gonzales, Stanja Hezoucky, Evi Jandrisits, Angelina Nigischer, Barbara Safaverdi-Gall, Leonie Sommer, Luna Jones, Naima Jones, Markus Jastraunig

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